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Character: Lt. Riza Hawkeye
Age: (canon says late 20s) 27
Canon: Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
Canon Point: right before Lust's death at Mustang's hands

Background: FMA Wiki

Lt. Riza Hawkeye is an exceptional soldier. She's cool, efficient, professional, and capable of handling any situation she finds herself in, which makes her the perfect adjutant for her seemingly less than perfect senior officer. Those who get beyond this first appearance will see a lot more under that seemingly cold exterior; she's also caring and determined to make her country the best it can be for all of its citizens.

These two sides might seem in conflict with each other, but in truth, it's because she cares so much that Riza ended up where she did. Holding on to a young and naive view of the world, Riza was given an idealistic image of what the military could do for their world (it helped that they lived under a military government). Believing that her father's research could better the world, she gave the information to Roy Mustang and then joined the military herself. Both lost that innocence during the Ishval Conflict when they were turned into weapons against their fellow citizens.

Knowing that she is responsible for so many deaths, those she ended personally and those killed by Mustang's use of flame alchemy, Riza does something that many others couldn't do after the conflict was over. She takes responsibility for her actions determined to keep others from having to deal with the weight of a similar act... Her hands are already covered in blood, it's better to keep innocent people from taking her place.

It's hearing Mustang's vision of the future that originally facilitates a level of trust between them, to her opening up and showing him her father's research which had been tattooed upon her back. Between then and the end of the Ishval Conflict they meet again and she ends up putting her trust in him again but in another way. After seeing how the information had been used, how he had been forced to use it, Riza has Mustang burn the tattoo so that she doesn't have to worry about anyone else ever using it.

While most never get to see it, Riza has a very strong emotional side. This is usually suppressed under normal circumstances, but, given the right push, or threat to those she's closest to will bring out this side. When Lust tells her that she killed both Havoc and Mustang Riza goes, for loss of a better word, ballistic unloading every gun she was carrying into the homunculus. When it becomes apparent Lust is uninjured, she gives up fully intending to die as well at her hands. Later, she implies the same thing to Mustang-that if he keeps going down the path of revenge, she'll kill him and join him not long after having no reason to keep living.

In a way, her becoming his morality (and if needed executioner) gives life to her own continued existence. To see his vision through is her penance for all the deaths she was responsible for in Ishval. She's gone from being a weapon of destruction to being a weapon of defense not only for those closest to her, specifically Mustang who she becomes secretary and bodyguard for, but for the future of Amestris.

There's a softer side to Riza that comes out around the Elric brothers and Winry Rockbell. She understands that the brothers have been through their own version of hell, but that doesn't mean she can't try to keep them from falling in deeper. Ed's determination not to kill is something she wants him to keep even when she hands him a gun at one point to use as protection if needed. For the most part she doesn't treat them like children, they've lost that innocence as well, but it's still impossible not to take on an older sister role to keep them in line. Riza doesn't lie to them, however going so far as to tell Ed about Ishval and the basis of their plans. And while she has no problem telling Ed the harsh realities of the military, her talks with Winry are just as telling in other ways. It's easy for her to understand Winry's hatred of the military and those in it; but, she offers the girl hope and a reason to keep her head up--if not for herself then for those important to her, they would need her support and love.

No actual abilities/powers beyond normal human skills that include:
Superb administrative and secretarial skills.
Expert weapons master/sharpshooter (she's shown using a variety of guns and never missing her target) with experience in combat and covert ops.

Alignment: Piphron (trust/distrust)--Trust is actually one of the biggest connections between Hawkeye and Mustang, mainly her trust in him and his vision of the future. She's had to come to terms with giving him her father's research notes, with having him destroy those notes (and her skin in the process), and with making sure he keeps to the promise of making Amestris a true home for all citizens.
Other: Her dog, Black Hayate will be coming with her.


It wasn't unusual to wake up from a nightmare, the sounds and smells of Ishval still overwhelming her senses. Black Hayate would sit waiting patiently by the bed until she recognized where she was once more before giving a little whine as if questioning whether she was alright or not. Those nights when she woke too early to do anything of use would be spent either drinking a cup of tea and then trying to return to sleep, or taking Black Hayate out for a walk until they were both in need of bed.

This time was different though. The dream was the same, the screams of the dying filling the air as one by one they went down as they found their way to the Ishvalan god through bullet or alchemy. Even then she pushed her emotions aside knowing they'd just get in the way, but they were still there--so much sorrow and pain for what she was doing and even more anger toward those who put them all in that position.

Instinct and the sound of shattering glass was what woke her.

Riza rolled off her bed, gun in hand as she searched the room for intruders or whatever had caused the noise. The glass of water she'd left by her bedside earlier was shattered, an uneasy reminder they were no longer at home, but it was better than any other scenario she could have imagined. Crisis over, Riza turned and buried her face into the Shiba Ibu's fur holding him tightly for a few minutes until she was calm again.

"Come on boy," she finally sighed moving to rise from the floor, "looks like another early morning."

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